Daddy saved me from bullying once…

2E3B6FA0-164B-4FCB-B5DF-D8CA81FB44E3    Daddy saved me from bullying once, I was small, not so small, but enough not to know what to do in cases of bullying, in those times there were no rules or laws that promoted anti-bullying, we did not even call it that. We did not even think about that, but the reality is that many of us were marked for life because of bullying, whether you were one of the assaulted or one of the aggressors.

I remember that in the neighborhood lived a boy the same age of mine, his name or nickname was Chuy, that boy while I played around the neighborhood, or just walked, he used to call me monkey, he laughed and mocked me. Oh I remember how much it hurted and bothered me! Sometimes I would walk  fast to get away from him and his friends, other times when I walked with my friends and he would come out and start calling me that horrible nickname, I felt embarrassed in front of my friends, and the truth is that when you are girl you usually dream of castles and a charming prince, and dream that you are beautiful and important, then you start looking at yourself in the mirror,  looking at your physical qualities, good and bad, being so thin, having a profile that you do not like, and you want be of whiter skin, and the list can go on and on; how come  were not going to hurt me the words of that evil child; the truth is that inside my mind was the struggle to keep going and at the same time to deal with bullying, while I was still my childhood, studying, playing, dreaming, but sometimes horrified waiting for the moment when I would cross that child or he would cross my path, the truth is he was very unattractive, let’s say he was ugly too, then why did he treat me that way? My mind did not understand, I only knew of that horrible feeling of being treated like that, only I knew how much horror and sadness it caused in my heart, I tried not to talk about it with my friends, nor did I comment with them about what much that bothered me and that I was horrified with those episodes, I tried to be strong and pretend that it did not affect me; the truth was that my self-esteem was annihilated and nobody knew it, until one day Daddy told me to go buy something at the store, and I started crying desperately, then he asked what was the reason why I did not want to go (I think he knew something was not right in my life), and that is because Daddy was very intelligent, and had a lot of life experience because of the childhood that He lived, thank God Daddy was like that!   Then I told him about that child and what he called me, and how much he bothered me, he said “go to the store, I’m going to walk some distance away from you, everything will be fine”, I started walking and suddenly Chuy came out, calling me that horrible nickname, then Daddy came out to meet me and told me to go to the store, he stayed talking to that evil child, Daddy never told me what he talked to him (Daddy was a man of noble heart and knew how to face situations without hurting people, but at the same time was a protector of the people he loved), from that moment that child never bothered me again verbally, although his mocking gaze followed me where I was going, Chuy did never call me that ugly nickname, at least that was a relief.

The difficult thing was to get rid of the psychological damage, for many years (I never talked about it again, for decades, although in my mind I kept remembering those episodes of bullying, it was not until I was 50 years old that I could talk about this with someone, the first I talked to, was my daughter Yvette, later I did talk about it in a group dynamic in the Church, and it was because I felt embarrassed to talk about it, it was a shame that they knew someone would call me with that nickname, as long as you keep the damage in your heart and in your mind, you will not free yourself from it, it will continue there silently stalking, it is not until you decide to tell someone that you will start to become free of bullying, no matter how embarrassed or uncomfortable you think it is, talk to someone about it, seek for help, no matter how small you are,  or if you are a teenager, young or adult, you need to look for help. Now I think that if Daddy had not asked me that time about what was going on, maybe I would never have said it, because at that time I did not know bullying, and people were not informed about that.

Bullying  will happen in many adult stages of your life too, but with confidence in yourself and knowing how to deal with it, you can continue your life ahead without hurting you. Daddy is no longer with me, he went to a better place with God, but I thank him and from here I say “Daddy thanks for the help you gave to me to get free from bullying”.

Until heaven is gone my sigh and once again, Daddy thank you, I love you!
Rosy Rentería bullying

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