The Roller Coaster “El Paseo De La Vida”


Feeling sentimental? Yes, that is my status in this last week, remembering my father who is no longer with me, it has been very difficult to bear his absence, when you think that your heart is healing then comes the nostalgia and sadness wrapping you up abruptly, compressing you, suffocating you, then you realize that life is so short, that your days are so short, we never live enough, we do not enjoy enough, we do not love enough, time moves so fast, life takes you like a roller coaster, you go living with an intense speed, sometimes you go up, sometimes downhill, sometimes you find a curve and you have to cross it at that speed that the roller coaster takes you, then when the roller coaster stops you feel like it stops in its tracks, and you experience a mixture of sensations like peace because that trip have ended, you get off quickly maybe, or you stay in your seat for a few more seconds trying to recover from fear or maybe from the excitement that the ride on the roller coaster has left in you, maybe you laugh with nervousness and with joy, yes, joy because you could reach the end of your trip, maybe you sigh with relief because riding a roller coaster is not easy, maybe you say you do not go back to it anymore, maybe you will do it again and again.

But the difference between a Roller Coaster and The Ride of Life is that you get in the Roller Coaster if you want, but, in The Ride Of Life you have no choice, it takes you without asking, it takes you go up without asking, and it takes you through those ups and downs without giving you the option to decide at what speed you want to travel, sometimes it accelerates and leaves you breathless, other times it will slow down just to allow you to recover a bit,  and  then it will accelerate again and take you where you want to go, nothing is predictable, everything is an expectation, and you will also experience the force of gravity that compresses your body to your seat as if it wanted to melt you in it, and it holds you there without being able to move, narrowing, suffocating you, feeling like your blood is crowding in your head, feeling that you are suffocating and that your heart will not support, some other times you will feel that seat pushes you away, do not worry, in a moment when you least expect it the speed will change, maybe it will be slower, maybe the curve you are about to take will be that change you will need to breathe, to recover and continue the journey waiting for the moment when the Roller Coaster will stop; and then when you arrive, because you will arrive “How will you arrive? It will be the end of the pleasant stroll or you will ask yourself “what were you thinking when you got on that crazy trip,” another may say that he would do it again. Some are just about to ride in, for others the ride have ended.

Question: Is this Roller Coaster about to start or is it ending the ride?

05441523-F175-45BC-A368-421D08C8D9DA     I wonder what my reaction and your reaction will be when you finish that trip on the roller coaster, will you go down and say with joy “Thank God that I got here and I could achieve it”! Or will you regret it and wish you have never taken that ride? maybe others would like to ride on that roller coaster again to make things better, to enjoy the dreaded, crazy, but entertaining ride. Unfortunately El Paseo De La Vida (The Ride Of Life) is taken only once, unlike the ride in the roller coaster, and it depends only on us how we will reach the end, yes, in the end we will arrive, some sooner with more speed, others later, slower, but the end will come, take that ride, with its ups and downs, with its accelerations and decelerations, with its curves and straight lines, we have no other option, but what we can decide is how we want to get to the end, your attitude on The Ride Of Life will determine how you will come to the end.

Some arrive smiling, with their hands up, screaming because they could enjoy the ride despite the cons of it, others arrive dizzy, sick, others arrive with their hands tense from so much squeezing the metal of the handle of the car of the Roller Coaster in where they were traveling, some pale, others with flushed faces, some swear never to get back on, others may say “I’ll do it again”!

Live in such a way that when you come down from The Ride Of Life, you will arrive with encouragement, with a positive attitude, with a look of faith, and say “Thank you Life, thank you God!”

Question: Is this Roller Coaster about to start or is it ending the ride?

Yes, I have always said “life is like a ride on Roller Coaster, get ready, fasten your seat belts, get ready, it’s maybe the starting, or probably the end of the ride, whether you want to take it or not, get on The Roller Coaster Of Life

Rosy Renteria Vazquez.

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