Life Frágil and Fleeting

The frágil and fleeting life

Everything happened so suddenly, it was a morning, a Friday, usually Fridays are the closing of a week of work and the beginning of a weekend (which for everyone is fun, days to get together with the family, to go for a walk, rest, or just do what you like), everything was as fast as the blink of an eye, and suddenly the bad news came, it was like a bucket of cold water in the face, it left me breathless, hesitant , and after a few moments I could only exclaim with a desperate cry, that ripped the heart and clouded the reason, was a cry of, “why?”  Another one of “do not tell me that?”  another of, “He was not ready!!!”  Then came the inconsolable cry, the heartrending cry, the struggle between madness and reason gave way to a harsh reality.
He was not there anymore, he had died! Questions came, “how was it?”   “How did it happen?”  The road was long, eternal, the silent beating of a heart, that deep inside it kept the hope that the bad news was not a reality, the inconsolable crying and the desire that everything was only a bad dream, a mistake, and if it was not true, and if, (everything was and “if”) and if on our arrival they would tell us that he did not die, and if a miracle happened, it was a silent asking God, saying,  “Lord you know it all, but can you tell me why?” And it was not that I claimed anything from God, I just wanted to know his motives, his reasons.
The end of the road came, to give way to that harsh reality, it was true!  It had happened (he had died)!  I could not believe it, we got to that Funeral Home which was already full of people, to be taken to he’s  coffin, to see Him there, inert!  Lifeless!   “How could it happen!”   “Why?”  Daddy I was hoping to see you arrive at that moment when old man you could not take care of yourself, and I thought, “how we would do to be able to get you away from your beloved City (Ojinaga),   “How we were going to entertain you (with all our love) and see you grumble , and laugh with you, kiss you and take care of you in your older age.

Unfortunately that moment did not arrive, you left too early and so suddenly that your absence is still difficult to assimilate, my old man!  How much I loved you and forever will do, I only ask God to see you when I come before Him! That is my hope and I cling to it,  “Daddy I always needed you and I’ll always do.” Forever I will love you! You did not have time to say goodbye, everything was so fast, so fleeting. You left me your memory, your love and today I say “THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING DADDY “ rest in peace!
My old man, my dreamer, you taught me that years are worn on the skin, but youth in the heart!  “Thank you my Dear Old Man, thank you!”

You will never die because your memory and your love live in my heart

IMG_0139Rosy Rentería Vazquez

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